Registration is through the centralized ON-LINE registration process.  Registration CANNOT be done at the school .

  • Please visit the School District 68 website and click on Registration.
  • You will need to have a digital copy of your child’s birth certificate and proof of address when registering. At the end of the on-line process, you will receive a confirmation number of your application to register. Please note that our immersion schools are usually at capacity at most grade levels, so your online registration will serve as confirmation your child’s name has been added to the district wait list. The district office or the school will contact you if a space becomes available.

For parents of incoming kindergarten students, You MUST have enrolled your child online prior to the end of registration date to be entered in the lottery. As there are more applications for French Immersion Kindergarten than we have spaces, the lottery is a random selection process using district registration confirmation numbers. Once all available kindergarten spaces are filled, any remaining students will be placed on a wait list and contacted as spaces become available. Parents are notified within a week of the lottery.


We often get asked, “How do I know if French Immersion is the right program for my child?” Does your child:

  • Have a good mastery of English
  • Have a good ear for sounds (enjoy imitating sounds and playing with rhyming sounds)?
  • Enjoy trying new things?

How can you prepare for Kindergarten (whether in English or in French Immersion)?

  • Have fun with sounds! Focus on beginning sounds of familiar words and on rhyming words (yes, invented words count, too).
  • Have fun with numbers! Count different objects and representations of numbers (fingers, dice, card games, dominoes, setting the table).
  • Have fun with names of shapes, colours, objects, animals! How many can your child identify?
  • Have fun with play dates and other socializing activities (sports, games, art projects, play school).
  • Have fun reading, writing and drawing together! Talk about details in pictures and in stories.
  • Practice basic independence routines (getting dressed – including coats and shoes, cleaning up after playtime and after eating, hand-washing, toileting, putting away clothing and managing a backpack)