Staff Name Position Department Contacts
Ann Rainboth Division 3: Grade 1 Teachers Email    
Barbara Allisen Librarian Teachers Email    
Celia Pidduck Division 6: Grade 3 Teachers Email    
Danielle Nichol SST Student Support Staff Email     2507542722
Debra Logan Aboriginal Education Resource Student Support Staff Email    
Dominique Payne Division 8: Grades 4 and 5 Teachers Email    
Evelyne St. Arnaud Division 11: Grade 7 (M-Th) Teachers Email    
Heather Marshall Division 1: Kindergarten Teachers Email    
Jennifer Mile Secretary Administration Email    
Kari-Ann Bernier Noon-Hour Supervisors Student Support Staff
Kerry Murdoch Division 4: Grades 1 and 2 Teachers Email    
Kiersten Côté School Psychologist Student Support Staff
Lisa Ellis Teacher Teachers Email     2507542722
Lynn Tissington District Support Staff Student Support Staff
Mariela Rouvroye Teacher Tuesdays Div 7 Teachers Email     2507542722
Melinda Keith EA Other 2507542722
Mia Jongkind Educational Assistant Student Support Staff Email    
Mme. Danielle SST Student Support Staff Email     2507542722
Mme. Megan Teacher Teachers Email     2507542722
Nadia Elzinga Division 9: Grade 5 Teachers Email    
Nic Fortin Grade 6 on leave Teachers Email     2507542722
Pattie Metheral School Counsellor Student Support Staff Email    
Richard Bouchard Custodian Custodians
Robert Breadmore Custodian Custodians
Shannon Apland Principal Administration Email     2507542722
Simon Brink Division 7: Grades 3 and 4 Teachers Email    
Suzanne Smith Division 2: Kindergarten Teachers Email